Song title
Romaji: Shikkakugai
English: Disqualified Town
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Yonaka (music, lyrics, video)
Saburou (mastering)
Enyuu (illust)
9,700+ (NN), 3,700+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
今世紀終了3分前 konseiki shuuryou sanpun mae It's three minutes before the end of this century,
人も減った中心街でパレード hito mo hetta chuushingai de pareedo and there's a parade in the town center, where the human population has decreased.
だってしょうがないじゃないか datte shouganai janai ka Well, it can't be helped, can it?
僕らは従うことしか出来ない bokura wa shitagau koto shika dekinai All we can do is obey, after all.

こんな未来話をしよう konna miraibanashi o shiyou Let me paint you this vision of the future:
幸せな家庭、育む生命、 shiawase na katei, hagukumu seimei, you have a happy family, lives that you raise,
安定した収入、夢、希望、 antei shita shuunyuu, yume, kibou, a stable income, dreams, hopes,
努力次第でどうにでもなる doryoku shidai de dou ni demo naru and everything is possible, as long as you put in effort.
そう言われていたのも束の間 sou iwarete ita no mo tsukanoma But that fantasy only lasts for a short while.
気付けば現実を突き付けられていて kizukeba genjitsu o tsukitsukerarete ite Before you knew it, reality would be shoved upon you.

ここに光なんて差さないと知った koko ni hikari nante sasanai to shitta I already knew no light would shine here.

僕の心を掴んでいる boku no kokoro o tsukande iru There is a strong grip on my heart.
もう答えなんて出せない次第 mou kotae nante dasenai shidai We can no longer come up with answers of our own.
未来も無いと自ら見ないで mirai mo nai to mizukara minaide Instead, these lives are going to sink into ruin with this town
この街と共に堕ちてく生命 kono machi to tomo ni ochiteku seimei while refusing to see for ourselves how there is no future.

浅き夢見し酔ひ(よい)もせず asaki yumemishi yoi mo sezu I shall have no shallow dreams, nor shall I allow myself to be deluded.
髑髏垂れ 今日も笑顔を振りまく sharekoube tare kyou mo egao o furimaku Hanging my skull, I shall continue lavishing my smiles through another day.
「感情なんて捨ててきた」 "kanjou nante sutete kita" "I've discarded all of my feelings."
冴えない僕はアンドロイドで本当によかった saenai boku wa andoroido de hontou ni yokatta Being as boring as I am, I'm truly glad I'm an android.

「生きる」ことが耽美だと言うならば "ikiru" koto ga tanbi da to iu naraba If "living" is the aesthetics we strive for,
賛美の言葉を僕に頂戴 どうだい? sanbi no kotoba o boku ni choudai doudai? then may I have a word of praise? How about that?

未来は絶え間なく変化する mirai wa taemanaku henka suru The future is constantly changing,
この街と共に息してるって kono machi to tomo ni iki shiteru tte and I'm breathing along with this town.
生きる意味がわからないまま ikiru imi ga wakaranai mama I still don't understand the meaning of living,
でも、今はまだ生きていたい demo, ima wa mada ikite itai but for now, I still want to live.

肥大し過ぎた母体に制裁を hidaishi sugita botai ni seisai o May there be punishment for this unduly inflated womb.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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