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Song title
Romaji: Yuukei Yesterday
English: Sunset Yesterday
Original Upload Date
Jin (music, lyrics)
Kikuchi Masayoshi (guitar)
Shirakami Mashiro (bass)
Yumao (drums)
Fukunaga Masao (percussion)
Shidu (movie)
2,740,000+ (NN), 9,610,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast
Youtube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)


Japanese Romaji English
注ぐ太陽浴びて 楽しげに sosogu taiyou abite tanoshige ni The sun shines, and full of laughs,
はしゃぐ人の顔を hashagu hito no kao o People show their high spirits;
睨みながらに 横切っていく nirami nagara ni yokogitteiku I glare their way, and traverse the crowd,
徹夜明けの朝で tetsuya ake no asa de The morning after a long night

腹が立って 憮然な私の目を hara ga tatte buzen na watashi no me o For my anger and discouraging eyes,
避けた人の先に saketa hito no saki ni People avoid me; but past them,
「おはよう」って言って 伸びをする "ohayou" tte itte nobi o suru He says "Morning!", does a stretch,
寝癖立ってる あいつが立ってた neguse tatteru aitsu ga tatteta And with his bedhead, there he stood...

気がついたら 目が合う様な ki ga tsuitara me ga au you na As if suddenly we find our eyes meet;
淡い恋だなんて 興味も湧かないな awai koi da nante kyoumi mo wakanai na Is it a faint love? Nope, not interested
だけど なんでだろう 顔を見れない dakedo nande darou kao o mirenai But then how do I explain it? I can't look you in the eye...
「関係ないよ、だって…あぁ、腹が立つ!」 "kankei nai yo, datte... aa, hara ga tatsu!" "That has nothing to do with... Argh, he pisses me off!"

見つけた太陽 睨みつけて mitsuketa taiyou niramitsukete Find the s-s-s-sun and glare into it,
高鳴った胸に 蓋したって takanatta mune ni futashitatte C-C-C-Cover up my heart beating fast
この感情抑えられないな 気持ち悪くって kono kanjou osaerarenai na kimochi warukutte I can't keep my emotions in check, it's disgusting...
なんだろう 変な気持ちだ nandarou hen na kimochi da What the hell, it's such a weird feeling!

態度が顔に出ちゃって taido ga kao ni dechatte My a-a-a-attitude showed on my face;
謎に緊張しちゃって 声が裏返った nazo ni kinchou shichatte koe ga uragaetta Mysteriously nervous, my voice went squeaky
「この状況もう分かんないよ!頭にくる!」って "kono joukyou mou wakannai yo! atama ni kuru!" tte "I don't understand this! I'm goin' nuts!"
なんだか 馬鹿な私だ nandaka baka na watashi da Agh, I'm just such a moron!

教室は今日も平凡でアクビが出る kyoushitsu wa kyou mo heibon de akubi ga deru The classroom is ordinary as always, so I yawn,
二人きりの窓辺 futarikiri no madobe Together by the window
気にしちゃうんだよ 暇な態度で Ki ni shichaunda yo hima na taido de It won't leave my mind, even when I act bored
ラジオを流しても rajio o nagashite mo And let the radio play...

立ち上がった私は 油断していて tachiagatta watashi wa yudan shiteite When I stood up, I was careless,
露骨にバレてしまう rokotsu ni barete shimau And so I was utterly busted;
聴いたフリしていたヘッドフォンが kiita furi shiteita heddofon ga I'd been pretending to listen to my headphones,
ずっと何処にも繋がってない事 zutto doko ni mo tsunagattenai koto But they weren't plugged into anywhere...

「時が経てば 忘れる様な "toki ga tateba wasureru you na "Time will pass, and soon enough,
そんなもんでしょ」って どこかで強情で sonna mon desho" tte dokoka de goujou de It'll just be forgotten," I insisted to myself
だけどなんでかな 口に出せない dakedo nande kana kuchi ni dasenai But then why? Why can't I speak?
腹が立っていたって、言葉も出ない hara ga tatteita tte, kotoba mo denai I can't even say a word about how he annoys me...

慎重に「態度で伝えよう」って shinchou ni "taido de tsutaeyou" tte Choosing to t-t-t-tell him with my attitude,
言葉を封じ込んで 今日も空回った kotoba o fuujikonde kyou mo karamawatta I sealed up my words and idled another day
「この感じ、続くのなら悪くもない?」って "kono kanji, tsudzuku no nara waruku mo nai?" tte "It's not so bad to keep going like this, is it?"
なんだか 随分弱気ね nandaka zuibun yowaki ne I'm just too faint of heart...

「なんかご機嫌だね」って "nanka go-kigen da ne" tte "You l-l-l-look like you're in a good mood!"
「腹たってるの解んないの?」って頬をつねった "hara tatteru no wakannai no?" tte hoho o tsunetta "Don't you get that you tick me off?" I pinched his cheek
鈍感なその態度 気に食わないんだ donkan na sono taido ki ni kuwanainda I can't stomach that thickheaded attitude!
どうしよう 今日がもう終わっちゃう dou shiyou kyou ga mou owacchau What to do? Today is already ending...

もう一回 太陽睨みつけて mou ikkai taiyou niramitsukete Once more, I g-g-g-glare into the sun
「沈むのちょっと待ってよ」って 息吸い込んだ "shizumu no chotto matte yo" tte iki suikonda "Hold on a sec before you set!" I took a deep breath
高鳴った胸が苦しくって taka natta mune ga kurushikutte My f-f-f-fast-beating heart hurts;
なんだか突飛な気持ちだ nandaka toppi na kimochi da It's such an extraordinary feeling...

「伝えたいよ」って 走り出した "tsutaetai yo" tte hashiridashita "I want to t-t-t-tell you" - I took off running;
この感情もう解らないよ 爆発しそうだ kono kanjou mou wakaranai yo bakuhatsu shishou da I don't understand my emotions anymore, I'm gonna blow
太陽が 沈む前に taiyou ga shizumu mae ni Before the s-s-s-sun sets,
なんとか 伝えたいから nantoka tsutaetai kara I want to tell you somehow...

どうにかしてよ 神様 dou ni ka shite yo kamisama Do something, god, please!!
English translation by vgperson

In this place with lots of merry people basking in the sun
I cut through the crowds
while glaring at their happy faces;
A morning after another all-nighter.

Past the offended people who dodged me
and who are now looking down at me,
「Good morning」he said as he stretched out
with messy bed head, that guy stood in front of me.

As I finally came to, a young love
at first sight - I'm not really interested in that...
So, I wonder... Why can't I look you in the eye?
「Well, it doesn't matter, because... Aah, how irritating!」

Glaring at the sun I found
while hiding this throbbing heart
Ah, I can't suppress this emotion, it makes me sick!
I wonder why? What a strange feeling...

My face is like an open book
for some reason I get so nervous that even my voice squeaked!
「What's wrong with me?! This is pissing me off!」
I'm such a fool

I take another yawn in the classroom today
next to our very own window
I'm really nervous! Even if I act bored
while listening to the radio...

As I stood up, I made a careless mistake
and so you found out
that my headphones which I was listening to had always
been disconnected...

「I'll forget about him
with time!」I stubbornly told myself
But for some reason, I can't put my feelings into words
Staying upset, I can't speak at all...

Carefully trying to 「show it through my behavior」
but I still ended up hiding my feelings today too
「Maybe this feeling isn't so bad after all?」
Wow, I'm surprisingly timid...

「You seem to be really cheerful today」
「Don't you see I'm in a bad mood?」I said as I pinched your cheek
I hate that kind of insensitive attitude!
What should I do? Today's already ending!

One more time! I stare at the sun again
「Please don't set just yet!」I took a deep breath
My throbbing heart hurts so much,
what a strange feeling...

「I want to tell you!」I thought as I started to run
I don't understand my feelings any longer; they're about to explode!
Before the sun sets
I just wanna tell you somehow!
Please God, let me make it!

English translation by Sunny Subs


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