Song title
Romaji: Mawaru Sora Usagi
English: Spinning Sky Rabbit
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Orangestar (music, lyrics)
Hisoto Tayota (illust)
Calkyon (piano)
Short version: 62,000+
Full version: 1,300,000+ (NN), 3,100+ (SC), 1,800,000+ (YT)
Short version: SoundCloud Broadcast
Full version: Niconico Broadcast / SoundCloud Broadcast (deleted) / YouTube Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
また月が昇る mata tsuki ga noboru The moon is rising again,
今日が終わりだす kyou ga owaridasu and today is beginning to end.
願い 奏でる negai kanaderu I’m gulping down
言葉を呑み込む kotoba o nomikomu the words of wishes I’ve made.
Friday night 泣き出す Friday night nakidasu Bursting into tears on a Friday night,
君はまだ大丈夫 kimi wa mada daijoubu but you’ll still be okay.
駆け出せ足音 kakedase ashioto Run now, run.
明日を変えたい ashita o kaetai If you want to change tomorrow,
あぁ なら なら aa nara nara aah, in that case, in that case…
まだ まだ まだ mada mada mada Not yet, not yet, not yet.

また夜空一周に mata yozora isshuu ni It’s making another round on the night sky.
満たして欠いて流れる mitashite kaite nagareru It waxes and wanes, and gets washed away.
時を眺める toki o nagameru I can’t laugh
だけじゃ笑えない dake ja waraenai if all I ever do is to watch the time.
回る空うさぎ mawaru sora usagi The sky rabbit is spinning around.
君と明日はイコール kimi to asu wa ikooru You equal tomorrow.
負けるな明日に makeru na ashita ni Don’t lose against tomorrow.
背を向けたくない se o muketakunai I don’t want to turn my back on it,
あぁ から から aa kara kara aah, that’s why, that’s why
いま から から ima kara kara right now, right now…

遥か 月を目指した haruka tsuki o mezashita I aimed for the distant moon.
今日の空は kyou no sora wa The sky today
彼方 西に流れた kanata nishi ni nagareta has been washed far away, to the west.
もう届かないや mou todokanai ya It’s beyond my reach.
届かないや todokanai ya Beyond my reach.

涙 星を濡らした namida hoshi o nurashita My tears have soaked the night.
今日の空は kyou no sora wa The sky today
彼方 夜に流れた kanata yoru ni nagareta has been washed far away, to the night.
「もう泣くなよ」 mou naku na yo “Don’t cry anymore.”
遥か 月を目指した haruka tsuki o mezashita I aimed for the distant moon.
今日の空は kyou no sora wa The sky today
数多 星を降らした amata hoshi o furashita brought forth a rain of many stars.
あぁ 夢じゃないや! aa yume janai ya! Aah, this isn’t a dream!
夢じゃないや yume janai ya It’s not a dream.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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