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Song title
Romaji: Rettou Joutou
Official English: BRING IT ON
Original Upload Date
Magical Mirai 2018 performance version: Sep.11.2018
Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin
GigaP (music)
Reol (lyrics)
Miwashiba (illust)
Okiku (video)
4,300,000+ (NN), 21,000,000+ (YT)
Magical Mirai 2018 performance: 26,000+ (NN), 3,600,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast
Magical Mirai 2018 performance: Niconico Broadcast/ YouTube Broadcast


Note: This song is also known as "Inferiority Superiority" in the Western fandom, but "Bring It On" is more suitable. This tradition comes from the title being literally translated.[1]

Singer Len Rin
Japanese Romaji English
劣等上等 BRING IT ON rettou joutou BRING IT ON Rettou Joutou[2], BRING IT ON
列島上々 不眠日本 rettou joujou fumin nippon Highest islands, restless Japan

子供騙しのマセマティカ kodomo damashi no masematika A kid's game, this Mathematica[3]
バレてんだってそんなのって bareten datte sonnanotte It's so obvious, the tricks, but
プライドがないや puraido ga nai ya I've no pride!

ご立派 警鐘 気取りで gorippa keishou kidori de How grand, playing officer are you?
高みの見物ばかりじゃつまんねぇ takami no kenbutsu bakari ja tsumannee Just to play it safe up here, how dull is this
ほらもっと 間違って上等 hora motto machigatte joutou Come on, more mistakes, Bring it!
退屈に手をかけて taikutsu ni te o kakete And do something about this boredom,

ママ、やっぱあたしは mama, yappa atashi wa Mommy, after all,
こんなところじゃ終われない konna tokoro ja oware nai I can't end in a place like this.
ぬるくて気が触れそう nurukute ki ga furesou It's so lukewarm, it's driving me crazy!
ごっこ遊びも芝居もさよなら gokko asobi mo shibai mo sayonara Farewell, to the plays and pretends,
ずっとこのままなんてさぁ zutto kono mama nante saa You know, staying like this for life
いられないよ irare nai yo F-k that!

ダッダッダ あたし大人になる daddadda atashi otona ni naru Dun-dun-dun - I'm going to be a grown-up!
酸いも甘いも噛み分けて今 sui mo amai mo kami wakete ima Knowing the bitter, the sweet, and now 
パッパッパ 変わる時代 pappappa kawaru jidai Pa-ppa-ppa - Times fly by so fast
悪いことばかりじゃないでしょう warui koto bakari ja nai deshou It's not all terrible, now, is it?
過去も、罪も、罰も、すべて kako mo, tsumi mo, batsu mo, subete The past, the sins, punishments, all of it
素手で、愛で、生き抜いてやり返すわ sude de, ai de, ikinuite yarikaesu wa With my bare hands, my love, I'll live through it all and serve a payback

yeah,挑発 あたし達はno doubt yeah, chouhatsu atashi tachi wa no doubt Yeah, taunting are we, no doubt
緑のアイツにばっか構ってんね midori no aitsu ni bakka kamatten ne See you're always tending to that green girl .
さぁburn up いつになったら貰える合格 saa burn up itsu ni nattara moraeru goukaku Now, burn up, when's my certificate coming?
赤ペンいれてよどこがダメなんですか aka pen irete yo doko ga dame nan desu ka Come on, grade it, where is it that I'm wrong?
酒女金XXXX(ドラッグ) やっちゃってコンプラ sake onna kane doraggu yacchatte konpura Drinks, b-ches, money, XXXX(drugs) - Oops! Gotta comply
チルってaiight…冗談じゃんブラックジョーク chirutte aiight… joudan jan burakku jooku Chill aight, take a joke man - just dark humor

中指立てたくなるような事情 nakayubi tatetaku naru you na jijou Stuck in s-t that just makes me want to say "f-k it"
ありすぎて指が足りねぇからhands up ari sugite yubi ga tarinee kara hands up Hell, I'm in so many I don't have enough fingers! hands up
and what's up 最低? and what's up saitei? and what's up loser?
もともとだろ bring it on motomoto daro bring it on You were always one, heh, Bring it on

「まあまあ」なんか要らない "maa maa" nanka iranai Don't need that "calm down"
欲しがります死ぬまでは hoshigari masu shinu made wa I'll keep wanting it until I'm dead
伸びた背丈 育った街に投げキス nobita setake sodatta machi ni nage kisu Growing tall - a goodbye-kiss to my hometown
見せ場はこっから 覚悟しとけよ miseba wa kokkara kakugo shitoke yo Highlight reel's rolling now, get ready!

ダッダッダ 僕ら大人になる daddadda bokura otona ni naru Dan-dan-dan, We're going to be grownups!
カウンター狙い 最低な日々に kauntaa nerai saiteina hibi ni Aiming for the chance to counter those s-tty days
眈々とかます一撃 tantan to ka masu iggeki With a swift strike
誰も読めない先 まだあいこでしょ dare mo yomenai saki mada aiko desho No one can read the future, we're still tied even here
バグも、ロスも、ズレも、すべて bagu mo, rosu mo, zure mo, subete The bugs, the losses, the f-k-ups, all of it.
素手で、生きて!生き抜いて覆すよ sude de, ikite! ikinuite kutsugaesu yo With my bare hands, I'll live, live through it and overthrow it

くだらないことばっかが譲れない kudaranai koto bakka ga yuzurenai It's always the small stuff I can't let go of
わかるか?あたしの美学 wakaru ka? atashi no bigaku Get it? My aesthetic
この馬鹿正直な拳ひとつが切り札 kono baka shoujikina kobushi hitotsu ga kirifuda This thick-headed fist alone is my ace up the sleeve
がなる劣等 一抜けよさらば! ga naru rettou ichi nuke yo saraba! Rings the inferiority, “I’m out!” "Peace!"

こんなもんじゃない konna mon ja nai This is far from over!

ダッダッダ あたし大人になる daddadda atashi otona ni naru Dun-dun-dun, I'm going to be a grown-up!
酸いも甘いも噛み分けて今 sui mo amai mo kami wakete ima Knowing the bitter, the sweet, and now
燦々 交わるミライ sansan majiwaru mirai A future where we cross paths in radiance
もう子供じゃないのわかるでしょ mou kodomo ja nai no wakaru desho I'm not a kid anymore, you can get that much right?
時代 機会 待ってくれない jidai kikai matte kurenai The ages, opportunities, they won't wait around
素手で、捨て身で、生き抜いて上等だわ sude de, sutemi de, ikinuite joutou da wa With my bare hands, risking my life, I'll live through it, Bring it on!

愛ある時代 ai aru jidai An age of love!
それでは皆様お先に Bye,Guys! sore de wa minasama osaki ni Bye, Guys! Well then, everyone, we'll take our leave. Bye, guys!

English translation by Firingsniper


  1. In slang usage, 上等 means "Come on, I'm ready for it." For example, 喧嘩上等 is "Come on, I'm ready for fighting."
  2. Left the title as-is because it's impossible to translate this in a cool/short way. As for the nuance, 上等 has that attitude, like "Hell, that's even a plus for me, bring it on!" in reaction to a rather disadvantageous situation. So here, 劣等 is just being inferior. Combine the two, you get "I'm inferior to everyone else? That's just what I want! Bring it on!"
  3. There's a pun that's lost here. By pronouncing it the Japanese way (Masematika), it also alludes to ませる which means to be too interested in love and maturity for his/her age.

Notable Derivatives

Rettoujoutou live.jpg
Magical Mirai 2018 Live version
Featuring: Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len
Rettoujoutou himehina.jpg
HIMEHINA's cover
Featuring: Tanaka Hime and Suzuki Hina
Rettoujoutou amatsuki.jpg
Amatsuki and 96Neko's cover
Featuring: Amatsuki and 96Neko
Producer(s): kain (mix), Hachisan (illust)
Rettou Joutou.png
Megater Zero's cover
Featuring: Megater Zero
Producer(s): ろまん西野 (mix)
Rettou Joutou.png
Alfakyun. and Araki's cover
Featuring: Alfakyun. and Araki
Producer(s): LowFat (mix), Miru 海松 (encode)


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