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Official English: Rohypnol
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Rakuen Shigai (music, lyrics)
Kinari Miho (illust)
39,000+ (NN), 23,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


Japanese Romaji English
真っ白な帆布に色附ける様に masshirona kyanbasu ni iro tsukeru you ni As if to put color to a blank canvas,
脳裏の寡黙さを後悔させたら nouri no kamokusa o koukai sasetara if I’m made to regret the reticence of my mind,
経験は如何様? 価値を閲して keiken wa ikayou? kachi o kemishite what would that be like? I appraise its value
記憶の改竄に腦を呈して kioku no kaizan ni nou o teishite and display my brain to the falsification of my memories.

虔しい採餌は憂いに塗れて tsutsumashii saiji wa urei ni mamirete The reserved hunt was caked in sorrow,
調味料は多目で 味蕾を穿った choumiryou wa oome de mirai o ugatta and the seasonings pierced my taste buds in larger quantity.
緩やかな最果てを 最終章を yuruyakana saihate o saishuu shou o I was hoping for all the loose ends
ドラマチックな展開を期待していた doramachikkuna tenkai o kitai shite ita to result in some dramatic development in the last chapter.

オールド・クロックにロヒプノール錠 oorudo kurokku ni rohipunooru jou The rohypnol tablets[1] on the old clock
途切れ闕けていた togire kakete ita were cracked and chipped.
逆毛立っていた性で 臆! sakakedatatte ita sei de aa! Agh, I hate the way my hair was sticking up!
炭酸水にC2H5OH tansansui ni etanoru Alcohol[2] in my soda water,
甘い不条理に 迷い込んで失策っている amai fujouri ni mayoikonde shimatte iru I’ve lost my way and gone blundering into sweet absurdity.

伱間を塞ぐ様に sukami o fusagu you ni In order to plug the gap in you.

百済ない愛で繋いでいた なんて kutara nai ai de tsunaide ita nante We were tied together by a worthless[3] love,
思えばそう 記憶に身合っていて omoeba sou kioku ni mi atte ite and, yes, when I think about it, my memories do suit my body.
恨んでいたって 燻んだ思いで urande itatte kusubunda omoi de Although I resent it, my smouldering recollections
幼さで帰属している osanasa de kizoku shite iru are attributed with childishness.

「愛在る正解を、ただ生きていたいだけ。」 "ai aru seikai o, tada ikite itai dake." ”I simply want to live knowing the right answer imbued with love.”

稚い考えを正して征く様に itokenai kangae o tadashite yuku you ni If in order to correct such juvenile ideas
病理の外側に骰子を焚べたら byouri no sotogawa ni saiko o kubetara I could’ve fueled the dice on the exterior side of pathology,
独り歩きをする流言飛語は hitoriaruki o suru ryuugenhigo wa baseless rumors would’ve taken on a life of their own,
震えを止めたくて 袖口を握った furue o tometakute sode o nigitta and wanting to cease their trembling, clutched at my sleeve.

たったらた、たったらた tattarata, tattarata tattarata, tattarata

腐っていたって 答えは至って kusatte itatte kotae wa itatte Even though it went rotten, the answer was incredibly,
簡単に分かり切った繫累は kantan ni wakarikitta keirui wa plainly obvious. All my encumbrances[4]
他人の情に浸かって沈んだ tanin no jou ni tsukatte shizunda immersed themselves and sunk into other people’s emotions.
明らかに勘違いだと 分かっていたんだ akiraka ni kanchigai da to wakatte itan da I understood that clearly, I had the wrong idea about something.

畢竟、間欠的な報酬を受けることで 今、生きている tsumari, kanketsuteki na houshuu o ukeru koto de ima, ikite iru So to sum up,[5] receiving intermittent remuneration is my reality, and I’m living it.
軈て、最底辺な終末を 二人に於いて yagate, saiteihenna shuumatsu o futari ni oite Before long, we’ll arrive at the ultimate conclusion.

眩んで征くように 盗んで征くように kurande yuku you ni nusunde yuku you ni As if dazzlingly, as if stealingly,
無理矢理ぎゅっと、奪って欲しいな。 muriyari gyutto, ubatte hoshii na. I want you to forcibly hold me tight and snatch me away.

百済ない愛で繋いで欲しいよ kutara nai ai de tsunaide hoshii yo I want you to tie us together with a worthless love.
洗腦して 愛と鞭と暴力で seinou shite ai to muchi to bouryoku de Brainwash me with love and the whip and violence
くるわないように くるわないように kuruwanai you ni kuruwanai you ni so that I don’t go mad, so that I don’t go mad,
ように ように you ni you ni go mad, go mad.
はなれないように hanarenai you ni So that we never lose each other.[6]

「記憶を捨て切れないで、苦しい侭で。」 "kioku o sute kirenaide, kurushii mama de." “Don’t throw your memories away, painful as they are.”

English translation by Violet

Translation NotesEdit

  1. 錠 can mean “tablet,” but it’s also the kanji for “lock.” This line might be interpreted as “The rohypnol lock on the old clock was cracked and chipped.”
  2. C2H5OH is the chemical formula for ethanol, the type of alcohol used in alcoholic drinks.
  3. “Worthless” is spelled 百済ない instead of its normal 下らない.
  4. This word has the connotations of “family members who depend on you” or “things that tie you down to one place.”
  5. 詰まり is spoken but 畢竟, “after all,” is written.
  6. はなれない is spelled without kanji, so there may be another possible meaning to this line: “So that I never break free from you.”

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