Song title
Romaji: Remingu Mingu
English: Lemming Ming
Original Upload Date
Remix: Apr.13.2020
Kairiki Bear (music, lyrics)
Nou (illust)
kemu (remix)
Tom (remix mastering)
1,570,000+ (NN), 4,750,000+ (YT)
Remix: 190,000+ (NN), 1,100,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast
YouTube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)
Remix: Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese Romaji English
脳内 真っ赤に濡らして徘徊 nounai makka ni nurashite haikai Wandering, soaked red with brain matter
惨状 冷血 肥やして毎回 sanjou reiketsu koyashite maikai With every occurrence these cruel, cold blooded conditions flourish
低俗本心 隠してこっちに teizoku honshin kakushite kocchi ni I've hid my honest, vulgar feelings here,
来ないで 来ないで konaide konaide so don't come close!

(ねぇ) 実体無い友情 論外 (nee) jittai nai yuujou rongai Hey, this shapeless friendship isn't even in the picture
傷害 鈍感 あまりに滑稽 shougai donkan amari ni kokkei To the point of hilarity, I'm far too numb to these wounds
凄惨 狂気も震える世間に seisan kyouki mo furueru sekai ni I want to say goodbye to this society
バイバイ バイバイ したい baibai baibai shitai quivering with gruesome madness

体外 真っ赤に漏らして血痕 taigai makka ni morashite kekkon The bloodstains covering my body
雑踏 雑草みたいに増大 zattou zassou mitai ni zoudai grow like weeds in a field
間違ってるのは世界の方で machigatteru no wa sekai no hou de You understand the misguided way of our world,
分かるでしょ? 狩るでしょ? wakaru desho? karu desho? right? You're searching for them too, right?[1]

(ねぇ) 大体無い救済 通常 (nee) daitai nai kyuusai tsuujou Hey, having little to no salvation is the norm here
生産性無い613(無意味)な虐待 seisansei nai muimi na gyakutai Meaningless and unproductive abuse
実際 狂気も食わない この世と jissai kyouki mo kuwanai kono yo to I want to say goodbye to this world
バイバイ バイバイ したい baibai baibai shitai that fails to thrive off of true madness[2]

(けな)し合って 妬み合って 嫌い合ってさ kenashiatte netamiatte kiraiatte sa Insulting each other, envying one another, we hate each other so!

不正解ばっか引き出しちゃって断崖 いっそ死んでみても fuseikai bakka hikidashichatte dangai isso shinde mite mo All we pull are incorrect answers and even though we try to dive off the cliff and die
嗚呼 誰も振り向かない 知らナイ ナイ aa dare mo furimukanai shiranai nai Ah, nobody gives a single damn! Not a one!
『正常』断って 独りになって もうたくさんだ・・・ "seijou" tatte hitori ni natte mou takusan da... The normalities I've refuted that made me all alone are already so numerous...
じっと ずっと 痛みに抱かれ 前も見えナイ ナイ な。 jitto zutto itami ni dakare mae mo mienai nai na。 Held by this neverending pain, I can't see anything in front of me

胚胎 真っ赤に探して周回 haitai makka ni sagashite shuukai Searching around for the owner of the blood I'm soaked in
絶賛 頭のネジ解体 HIGH zessan atama no neji kaitai HIGH My screws come loose[3] and I'm HIGH from the praise
完全嘲笑 堪えてこっちを kanzen choushou kotaete kocchi o I'm putting up with all these sneers,
見ないで 見ないで minaide minaide so don't look at me!

(ねぇ) 大概 無い友情 だんだん (nee) taigai nai yuujou dandan Hey, this barely existing friendship dwindles away bit by bit
後悔 格好悪いのに どんどん koukai kakkou warui noni dondon Regret is so uncool, and yet it increases steadily
実質 瘴気(しょうき)も立ち退く矛盾に jisshitsu shouki mo tachinoku mujun ni I want to say goodbye to this contradiction
バイバイ バイバイ 死体 baibai baibai shitai evading us from this plague[4]

喰らい合って 恨み合って いがみ合ってさ kuraiatte uramiatte igamiatte sa Criticizing one another, resenting each other, we fight each other so much!

未来像ばっか引き裂いちゃって 人生いっそ絶ってみても miraizou bakka hikisaichatte jinsei isso tatte mite mo I only tear up my future dreams and even though I try to cut myself away from this life
嗚呼 誰も気に留めない 見ないナイ ナイ aa dare mo ki ni tomenai minai nai nai Ah, nobody will remember me! Nobody at all!
盛大 病んで 独りになって もうたくさんだ・・・ seidai yande hitori ni natte mou takusan da ・・・ The grand illness I fell to that made me alone is already so large in size...
じっと ずっと 痛みに焼かれ 報われナイ ナイ な。 jitto zutto itami ni yakare mukuwarenai nai na. Tormented by this neverending pain, I will never receive compensation

例えば明日 消えちゃったって 存外 皆 分かんないさ tatoeba ashita kiechatta tte zongai mina wakannai sa For example, if tomorrow disappeared without warning, nobody would know a thing!
もう(わめ)いて 声枯らしたって 届かない ナイ mou wameite koe karashita te todokanai nai I cry out, but my voice dries up and won't reach anybody
深い愛なんてイカサマだって 何度 示せば fukai ai nante ikasama datte nando shimeseba Even if I show that profound love is a trick time and time again
じっと ずっと悪魔の傍 夢なら醒めてよ jitto zutto akuma no soba yume nara samete yo I'll always be close to the devil's side. If this is a dream, wake me up!

不正解ばっか引き出しちゃって断崖 きっと死んでみても fuseikai bakka hikidashichatte dangai kitto shinde mite mo All we pull are incorrect answers and though we'll surely die diving off the cliff
嗚呼 誰も涙しない (しま)いマイ マイ aa dare mo namidashinai shimai mai mai Ah, nobody will cry over us, this is the end
『正常』断って 感情決壊 もうたくさんだよ・・・ "seijou" tatte kanjou kekkai mou takusan da yo... The normalities I've refuted and this exploding dam of emotions is just so much...
いつか きっと 痛みも消えて 報われたいな って。 itsuka kitto itami mo kiete mukuwaretai na tte. Someday, once this pain surely disappears, I want to be compensated

English translation by Vaffisuco

Translation Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The word 狩る in this case can refer to hunting wildlife or picking up flowers/weeds for fun, the feeling of searching is consistent in both, but I was unable to connect the metaphor with 雑草 (weeds) in the prior sentence.
  2. The words coming before 狂気も I am not sure if they act as a modifier or not (can either be a noun or a no/na adjective, but no such markers are expressed before the following noun), but since there is a distinction between what type of 'madness' is being referred to, I decided to differentiate them.
  3. The phrase 頭のネジ解体 I interpreted as a phrase in English "somebody with a screw loose". Interestingly enough on the original video, there are a bunch of Japanese people talking about how they've 'seen' people with screws loose, using the term はずねじ (loose screw) or 外れたみんなの頭のネジ (Everybody's loose head gears). Since this song is a promotion for Ganma, the phrase はずねじ is referring to the comic of the title 外れたみんなの頭のネジ that is promoted in the link on Kairiki Bear's original video.
  4. The characters here 死体 refer to したい (want to do) but also doubles as literally 'dead body'. A wordplay for death.

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