Line Art
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English: Line Art
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Hatsune Miku
Wowaka (music, lyrics)
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遠い日を思うの,今。 tooi hi o omou no, ima. I look back the faraway days now.
君と僕を呼ぶ声が聞こえる! kimi to boku o yobu koe ga kikoeru! I can hear a voice calling out you and me!

空に繋げてた色, sora ni tsunageteta iro, If only I were dyed with the color painting the inside of you,
君の中を塗る色に染まれば! kimi no naka o nuru iro ni somareba! the color connected to the sky!

その手触り確かめて。 sono tezawari tashikamete. I try and touch the feeling of it.
過ぎ去った過去を忘れ、 sugisatta kako o wasure, If I forget the past that's gone,
線と線を繋げたら。 sen to sen o tsunagetara. and connect a line to a line.
今,ここから,轟音。 ima, koko kara, gouon. Now a thundering roar echoes from here.

―大空へ飛び立て― ―oozora e tobitate― Let me fly to the sky

English translation by Damesukekun

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