Merry Christmas, My Hero
Song title
English: Merry Christmas, My Hero.
Original Upload Date
Kagamine Rin V4X: Nov.20.2015
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Kagamine Rin V4X
LiveP (music, lyrics)
ann (illust)
Rokka (encoding)
16,000+ (NN), 2,100+ (YT)
Kagamine Rin V4X: 9,600+ (NN), 66,000+ (YT)
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Japanese Romaji English
ねー、今もし目が覚めても、寝たフリしててね? nee, ima moshi me ga samete mo, neta furi shitete ne? Hey, even if I were to wake up now, I would still pretend to sleep.
魔法が解けたら、いつもの2人に戻るの。 mahou ga toketara, itsumo no futari ni modoru no. Once the magic is solved, we’ll go back to being our usual selves.

だから、もう少しだけ、ねー、このままで、 dakara, mou sukoshi dake, nee, kono mama de, So, let’s stay this way for a little while longer,
あなたを見つめさせて? anata o mitsume sasete? and let me stare at you, okay?

Merry Christmas, my Hero. Merry Christmas, my Hero. Merry Christmas, my Hero.
Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas...
どうかこの先の幸せだけ見てて。 dou ka kono saki no shiawase dake mitete. Please show me only happiness beyond this.
私なら、大丈夫。 watashi nara, daijoubu. If you’re with me, I’ll be alright.
マイヒーロー mai hiiroo My hero…

「好き」 "suki" “I love you.”

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