Song title
Romaji: Migiwamasari
English: Outstanding
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Futari (music, lyrics)
Shima (illust)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast (reprint)


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Japanese Romaji English
あっという間の日々だ atto iu ma no hibi da How fast do the days go by,
移り変わる季節を巡り utsurikawaru kisetsu o meguri as the seasons come and go.
海辺に住む誰かの umibe ni sumu dareka no Here’s a missive entrusted with the words
書き綴った言葉をしまう kakitsuzutta kotoba o shimau of someone living by the sea,

ガラスのその便りの garasu no sono tayori no delivered in a glass bottle.
震えていた文字をなぞった furuete ita moji o nazotta With my finger, I traced the trembling letters.
拝啓 彼方様へ haikei kanatasama e Dear unknown person from somewhere far away, they said.
生きることは難しいです。 ikiru koto wa muzukashii desu. It’s so hard just to be alive.

夢だってないし、価値だってないし、 yume datte nai shi, kachi datte nai shi, I have no dreams, no worth,
意味だってないし、希望もない。 imi datte nai shi, kibou mo nai. no meaning, no hopes.
泣いたって今は同じだって知るよ、 naitatte ima wa onaji da tte shiru yo, I do know that crying won’t help solve anything;
それだってやっと生きてるから。 sore datte yatto ikiteru kara. even so, I still barely manage to keep myself alive.

私がいないことに watashi ga inai koto ni Is there any point in my being born
悲しまない世界で、 kanashimanai sekai de, into a world that would not feel an ounce of sorrow
生まれたことに意味はあるのか。 umareta koto ni imi wa aru no ka. even if I were not here?
ただそれだけ tada sore dake That’s all I’m wondering.

憂う声 人 景色が ureu koe hito keshiki ga Concerned voices; people; scenery;
求めていた日々に異なり motomete ita hibi ni kotonari everything’s different from the kind of everyday I’d yearned for.
いらつく暮らしの中 iratsuku kurashi no naka Life is full of little annoyances,
煩わしく嫌気がさした wazurawashiku iyake ga sashita I’m just so sick of all this bother.

白波に惑い 「最低」だと吐いて shiranami ni madoi “saitei” da to haite Lured by the white waves, I couldn’t help saying: “This is the rock bottom.”
都合のいいそんな魔法はない tsugou no ii sonna mahou wa nai There’s no such magic that can conveniently take care of everything.
消えたって今が同じだって知るよ kietatte ima ga onaji da tte shiru yo I do know that simply vanishing from here won’t help solve anything;
それだってやっと生きてるから sore datte yatto ikiteru kara even so, I still barely manage to keep myself alive.

一つ年を取り hitotsu toshi o tori With each year that I grow older,
取り残されてゆく torinokosarete yuku I’d fall farther behind in the race of life.
全てがうるせぇな subete ga urusee na Gosh, just give me a break already.
何もできないよ nanimo dekinai yo There’s nothing I can do, all right?

灯りが消えぬうちに akari ga kienu uchi ni Can I possibly find salvation in someone’s compassion,
差し伸べられた手を取り sashinoberareta te o tori grabbing hold of that hand extended to me,
慈愛となる救いはあるのか jiai to naru sukui wa aru no ka before all the lights go out?
もう知らない mou shiranai It doesn’t matter anymore.

私がいないことに watashi ga inai koto ni Is there any point in my being born
悲しまない世界で kanashimanai sekai de into a world that would not feel an ounce of sorrow
生まれたことに意味はあるのか umareta koto ni imi wa aru no ka even if I were not here?
もういれない mou irenai I can’t be anymore.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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