Mermaid monaca
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English: Mermaid
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Hatsune Miku
Monaca:factory (music, lyrics)
meisa (illust, video)
Shieru (video)
780,000+ (NN), 40,000+ (YT)
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Japanese Romaji English
火山が噴火して kazan ga funka shite The volcano erupted;
絵の具があふれて e no gu ga afurete the paints spilled over:
青は海になって ao wa umi ni natte the blue became the sea,
赤は(ハート)になって aka wa haato ni natte while the red became the heart.

ちっぽけな世界は chippokena sekai wa The moment I turned the screw,
ねじをまいたら neji o maitara this tiny little world
ぐらぐら動き出した! guragura ugokidashita! wobblingly came to life!

絵本を閉じて ehon o tojite Closing my picture book,
街を飛び出す machi o tobidasu I run away from this town.
何か起こるかもしれない? nanika okoru kamoshirenai? Perhaps something is about to happen?

惑、惑星が飛び出す waku, wakusei ga tobidasu In excitement, a planet makes its sudden appearance.
心はうきうき浮かぶ kokoro wa ukiuki ukabu With his heart floating on cloud nine,
少年はきっと海を目指してる shounen wa kitto umi o mezashiteru the boy must be heading toward the sea.
ぐらぐら揺れる気持ちは guragura yureru kimochi wa Unable to do anything
どうすることも出来ずに dou suru koto mo dekizu ni about his dizzying emotions,
ただただ 魅了されている! tada tada miryou sarete iru! he can but let himself fall under its spell!

金、木星の甘い色 kin, mokusei no amai iro The mellow colors of Venus and Jupiter
遠い景色を染めてく tooi keshiki o someteku are coloring the distant landscape.

遠い景色を染めてく waku, wakusei ga tobidasu In excitement, a planet makes its sudden appearance,
心は浮き浮き沈む kokoro wa uki uki shizumu while my heart is floating, floating, then sinking.
おとぎ話の続きを教えて otogibanashi no tsuzuki o oshiete Come, tell me the continuation of the fairytale.
君はまだそこにいるの? kimi wa mada soko ni iru no? Are you still there?
黒い海で泣いてるの? kuroi umi de naiteru no? Are you crying in the pitch black ocean?
本当の顔が見たくて hontou no kao ga mitakute I wish I could see how you really look like.

最後のページを閉じたら saigo no peeji o tojitara Once I’ve closed the book on the last page,
たたたた 街を飛びだす tatatata machi o tobidasu hop-step-jump I’m gonna run away from this town,
何も起こらないことは知ってる nanimo okoranai koto wa shitteru though I fully know that nothing will happen.
何かを追いかけている nanika o oikakete iru I’m chasing after something.
何故だか追いかけている naze daka oikakete iru For some reason, I’m chasing after it.
ただただ 魅了されている! tada tada miryou sarete iru! I can but let myself fall under its spell!

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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