Plastic Shoujo
Song title
Romaji: Purasutikku Shoujo
English: Plastic Girl
Original Upload Date
Yuugou-P (music, lyrics)
Koganemushi (guitar, arrangement, mix, mastering)
Mariwai (video)
mariA (illust)
Niconico Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
見失いそうになりながら miushinaisou ni narinagara Even on the verge of losing sight of everything,
なんとか取り繕って nantoka toritsukurotte I must still try to hold myself together.
ツギハギだらけの人形 tsugihagi darake no ningyou A doll covered with patches—
それがお似合いでしょう sore ga oniai deshou doesn’t that suit me so well?
冷たい雨 tsumetai ame Most certainly,
降らせてるのは furaseteru no wa it is me who’s causing
紛れもなく私 magire mo naku watashi this cold rain to fall.
不器用にしか bukiyou ni shika If one can only
笑えないなら waraenai nara smile awkwardly at best,
笑う必要もない warau hitsuyou mo nai then there isn’t any need to smile.

プラスティック少女 症状 purasutikku shoujo shoujou Plastic Girl Syndrome
叫ぶ声も 君に届かない sakebu koe mo kimi ni todokanai Try as I might to scream out, you can’t even hear it.
プラスティック少女 症状 purasutikku shoujo shoujou Plastic Girl Syndrome
それならなぜ 叫ぶこと辞めない sore nara naze sakebu koto yamenai And yet, why am I still screaming?

傷だらけになって kizu darake ni natte I finally learned how to protect myself,
ようやく守ることを知った youyaku mamoru koto o shitta after having been through all these wounds.
心を凍らせて kokoro o kourasete I tried to protect myself as best as I can,
守ろうとした mamorou to shita even if that means benumbing my heart.
明日の事すら辛いのに ashita no koto sura tsurai noni The thought of what tomorrow may bring is already unbearable;
その先なんて真っ暗だ sono saki nante makkura da the farther future is complete darkness for me.
笑われて終わる生涯 warawarete owaru shougai I just don’t want my life to end up being
そんなのは嫌だ sonna no wa iya da nothing but a laughingstock.

プラスティック少女 症状 purasutikku shoujo shoujou Plastic Girl Syndrome
叫ぶ声は さらに強くなる sakebu koe wa sara ni tsuyoku naru My scream is getting even louder.
プラスティック少女 症状 purasutikku shoujo shoujou Plastic Girl Syndrome
ねえ、どうすれば君に届くのかな nee, dou sureba kimi ni todoku no kana Tell me, what am I supposed to do for you to hear it?

何度も現実と似たような夢を見て nandomo genjitsu to nita you na yume o mite Time and time again, I’d have a dream much resembling reality,
覚める sameru only to wake up from it.
もうこんな繰り返しはうんざりなんだよ mou konna kurikaeshi wa unzari nanda yo I’ve had enough of going through this over and over again.
わかってよ…!! wakatte yo…!! Try to understand me…!

プラスティック少女 症状 purasutikku shoujo shoujou Plastic Girl Syndrome
薄れる視界 今すぐ会いたい usureru shikai imasugu aitai My vision is getting dimmer. I wish I could see you right now.
振り絞るようなささやきで furishiboru you na sasayaki de Thus I whispered your name
君の名前 呟いていた kimi no namae tsubuyaite ita with my feeble, helpless voice.

プラスティック少女 症状 purasutikku shoujo shoujou Plastic Girl Syndrome
それはつまり 心の軋めき sore wa tsumari kokoro no kishimeki In the end, it was the screeching of my heart.
再会の喜び saikai no yorokobi Tightly, I held on to you,
忘れない様 wasurenai you so as to never forget
きつく抱きしめた kitsuku dakishimeta the joy of our reunion.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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