Song title
Romaji: Foton Buruu
English: Photon Blue
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Harumaki Gohan (music, lyrics, illust, video)
220,000+ (NN), 200,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

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Japanese Romaji English
大体もう僕の事が daitai mou boku no koto ga I’m gonna end up finding out almost
わかりきってしまうの wakari kitte shimau no everything there is to know about myself,
こんなこんな長い線路の最果て konna konna nagai senro no saihate at the very end of this long, long railway track.
青空思い出して aozora omoidashite I’m recalling to my mind the blue sky,
電池の切れそうな藍じゃないけどさ denchi no kiresou na ai janai kedo sa though it’s not such a deep blue that it’d
全然もう 泣いたりしないよ zenzen mou naitari shinai yo seemingly make my battery go dead.
一人ぼっちでいいよいいからさ hitoribocchi de ii yo ii kara sa I’m absolutely not going to cry anymore.
かわりにこの終点に kawari ni kono shuuten ni I’m fine being alone. I’m fine with that,
夏を教えてくれ natsu o oshietekure so instead, could you show this last stop what summer is?

「鉄塔の電線が影を落としたら "tettou no densen ga kage o otoshitara “When the power lines on the transmission towers started casting their shadows,
もう僕らは帰らなきゃいけなくて mou bokura wa kaeranakya ikenakute it’d be time we must go home.
街灯が付いたなら君は小走りで gaitou ga tsuita nara kimi wa kobashiri de Had the street lights come on, you would have broken into a half run,
また明日なんて当たり前だよ」 mata ashita nante atarimae da yo" saying: ‘See you tomorrow.’ That’s just natural.”

夏はきっと切なくて natsu wa kitto setsunakute Summer must be very sad.
夏はきっと寂しくて natsu wa kitto sabishikute Summer must be very lonely.
だけど全部だけど全部忘れたくないんだろう dakedo zenbu dakedo zenbu wasuretakunain darou But one wouldn’t want to forget everything, right?
僕がずっと漂って boku ga zutto tadayotte I’m forever drifting around.
もしも藍色の星についたなら moshimo aiiro no hoshi ni tsuitanara Had I arrived at that deep blue planet,
君が待ってる気がしてる kimi ga matteru ki ga shiteru I have the feeling you’d be waiting for me there.

大体もう君の事を daitai mou kimi no koto o I’m gonna end up memorizing almost
覚えきってしまうよ oboekitte shimau yo everything there is about you.
こんなこんな長い線路じゃ仕方ない konna konna nagai senro ja shikatanai It’s rather unavoidable, while we’re on this long railway track.
君は何のため kimi wa nani no tame Why did you take me by the hand,
電池の切れそうな僕の手を引くのさ denchi no kiresou na boku no te o hiku no sa when my battery is already close to dead?
暇つぶしなんて himatsubushi nante Just killing time?
そこまで薄情じゃないよ soko made hakujou janai yo I’m not that cold-hearted.
さっきの続きを話してよ sakki no tsuzuki o hanashite yo Come on, tell me what happened next
君が愛おしい夏の kimi ga itooshii natsu no in that beloved summer of yours.

「風鈴の演奏が虫の声に溶けて "fuurin no ensou ga mushi no koe ni tokete “When the music of the wind chime became one with the cries of the insects,
もう僕らは眠らなきゃいけなくて mou bokura wa nemuranakya ikenakute it’d be time we must go to sleep.
蛍光灯消した後 君の手をとって keikoutou keshita ato kimi no te o totte But after the light’s been turned off, I’d take your hand.
窓から抜けだして 秘密基地へいこう」 mado kara nukedashite himitsu kichi e ikou" Let’s slip out of the window and head for our secret base.”

夏はきっと儚くて natsu wa kitto hakanakute Summer must be very fleeting,
だけどずっと愛おしくて dakedo zutto itooshikute but I’m sure it must forever remain something precious;
だから全部だから全部かばんに詰め込んだんだろう dakara zenbu dakara zenbu kaban ni tsumekondan darou that’s why we crammed everything into our bags, isn’t it?
君が聴いた蝉の声 kimi ga kiita semi no koe Had the cries you heard from the cicada
もしも最果ての星についたなら moshimo saihate no hoshi ni tsuita nara reached the planet at the end of everything,
誰かに話しておくとしよう dare a ni hanashite oku to shiyou let’s say we tell someone our story beforehand.

ずっと前の前の前の事みたいだ zutto mae no mae no mae no koto mitai da It’s as if this is something that happened way, way back in time.
偽物ばっかの星で僕は nisemono bakka no hoshi de boku wa Somehow, I had the feeling
君に出会ってるような kimi ni deatteru you na that we’ve met
気がしたのさ ki ga shita no sa on a planet where everything is fake.

きっと泣いていた kitto naite ita I must have been crying—

ずっとそこに居て zutto soko ni ite staying there the whole time,
夏をずっと抱きしめていた natsu o zutto dakishimete ita holding summer tightly to myself the whole time.
だから全部だから全部思い出せないんだろう dakara zenbu dakara zenbu omoidasenain darou That must be why I can’t recall everything.
二人きりの夏だったんだ futari kiri no natsu dattan da It was a summer with just the two of us.
君の笑顔だって泣いた夜もまだ kimi no egao datte naita yoru mo mada I still can’t recall a single thing—
何一つ僕は nanihitotsu boku wa neither your smile,
思い出せないよ omoidasenai yo nor the nights full of tears.
二人で覚えておいたから futari de oboete oita kara For it was together that we made those memories.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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