Bitter Choco Decoration
Song title
Romaji: Bitaa Choko Dekoreeshon
English: Bitter Choco Decoration/Bitter Chocolate Decoration
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
syudou (music, lyrics)
Amazu (illust)
2,900,000+ (NN), 8,500,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
人を過度に信じないように hito o kado ni shinjinai you ni I do my best not to trust people too much,
愛さないように期待しないように aisanai you ni kitai shinai you ni not to love anyone, and not to expect anything.
かと言って角が立たないように ka to itte kado ga tatanai you ni At the same time, I do my best to not cause any conflicts,
気取らぬように目立たぬように kidoranu you ni medatanu you ni not to put on airs, and not to stand out.

誰一人傷つけぬように dare hitori kizutsukenu you ni I do my best not to hurt anyone,
虐めぬように殺さぬように ijimenu you ni korosanu you ni not to bully anyone, and not to kill anyone.
かと言って偽善がバレないように ka to itte gizen ga barenai you ni At the same time, I do my best not to let my hypocrisy show through,
威張らないように ibaranai you ni and not to be arrogant.

軽いジョークやリップサービスも忘れぬように karui jooku ya rippu saabisu mo wasurenu you ni I also mustn't forget to throw in a light joke and some smooth talk here and there,
どんな時も笑って愛嬌振りまくように donna toki mo waratte aikyou furimaku you ni and to always smile and please everybody

ビターチョコデコレーション bitaa choko dekoreeshon Bitter choco decoration-
兎角言わずにたんと召し上がれ tokaku iwazu ni tanto meshiagare just eat it all, and don't say a word.
ビターチョコデコレーション bitaa choko dekoreeshon Bitter choco decoration-
食わず嫌いはちゃんと直さなきゃ kuwazugirai wa chanto naosanakya you gotta fix your picky eating habit.

頭空っぽその後に残る心が本物なら atama karappo sono ato ni nokoru kokoro ga honmono nara If, after emptying your mind, your heart remaining is the real thing,
きっと君だって同じ事 kitto kimi datte onaji koto then I'm sure you'd do the same.
「ところで一つ伺いますが "tokoro de hitotsu ukagaimasu ga "By the way, there's just one thing I want to ask:
先日何処かで?・・・やっぱいいや」 senjitsu dokoka de? ...yappa ii ya" Did we meet somewhere the other day?...On second thought, never mind"

無駄に自我を晒さぬように muda ni jiga o sarasanu you ni I try my best not to reveal myself more than I have to,
話さぬように分からぬように hanasanu you ni wakaranu you ni and not to talk about myself, so that people won't know too much about me.
でも絶対口を閉ざさぬように demo zettaiguchi o tozasanu you ni But I also mustn't keep my mouth completely shut,
笑わすより笑われるように warawasu yori warawareru you ni and better being laughed at than making people laugh.

人をちゃんと敬うように hito o chanto uyamau you ni I do my best to respect others,
崇めるように讃えるように agameru you ni tataeru you ni to worship others, to praise others.
でも決して嫌味にならないように demo kesshite iyami ni naranai you ni But I absolutely mustn't let it turn into snide comments,
ふざけないように fuzakenai you ni and I mustn't make fun of others.

集団参加の終身刑 shuudan sanka no shuushinkei This is a life sentence of group participation.
またへーこらへーこら言っちゃって mata hee kora hee kora icchatte There I go again, sucking up to others.
「あれっ、前髪ちょーぜつさいきょーじゃん!」 "are', maegami choozetsu saikyoo jan!" "Wow, your bangs look totally awesometastic!"
とかどーでもいーのに言っちゃって toka doo demo ii no ni icchatte and so on-such inane things to say.
毎朝毎晩もう限界 maiasa maiban mou genkai Going on like this every morning, every night, I'm at my limit.
宗教的社会の集団リンチ shuukyouteki shakai no shuudan rinchi It's like group lynching by a religious society.
でも決して発狂しないように demo kesshite hakkyou shinai you ni But I gotta make sure not to go insane.

ビターチョコデコレーション bitaa choko dekoreeshon Bitter choco decoration-
時に孤独な愛は君を汚す toki ni kodokuna ai wa kimi o yogosu at times, that lonely love would taint you.
ビターチョコデコレーション bitaa choko dekoreeshon Bitter choco decoration-
立つ鳥の後きっと糞のアート tatsu tori no ato kitto kuso no aato when the birds leave, what remains behind is a piece of shit art.

初めはあんな大層な大言壮語を並べたが hajime wa anna taisou na taigensougo o narabeta ga I had such grand ideas at the beginning-always talking big, but now...
嫌よ嫌よも好きの内 iya yo iya yo mo suki no uchi "No often means yes."
「いやはやしかし今日が初めてで "iya haya shikashi kyou ga hajimete de "You know, I must say, considering today is your first time
こんなとはね 君センスあるよ」 konna to wa ne kimi sensu aru yo" and you can already do this, you must have a knack for this."

恋する季節にビターチョコデコレーション koisuru kisetsu ni bitaa choko dekoreeshon Some bitter choco decoration for this season of love.
恋する気持ちでビターチョコデコレーション koisuru kimochi de bitaa choko dekoreeshon Some bitter choco decoration with a feeling of love.


ビターチョコデコレーション bitaa choko dekoreeshon Bitter choco decoration-
皆が望む理想に憧れて mina ga nozomu risou ni akogarete I long for the ideal that everyone wishes for.
ビターチョコデコレーション bitaa choko dekoreeshon Bitter choco decoration-
個性や情は全部焼き払い kosei ya jou wa zenbu yakiharai I reduce my individuality and my emotions to ashes.
ビターチョコデコレーション bitaa choko dekoreeshon Bitter choco decoration-
欲やエゴは殺して土に埋め yoku ya ego wa koroshite tsuchi ni ume kill your desires and ego, and bury them all underground.
ビターチョコデコレーション bitaa choko dekoreeshon Bitter choco decoration-
僕は大人にやっとなったよママ boku wa otona ni yatto natta yo mama I've finally grown up, mama

明日もきっとこの先も ashita mo kitto kono saki mo Surely, tomorrow, and the days after,
地獄は続く何処までも jigoku wa tsuzuku doko made mo this hell will continue on and on.
嗚呼 だからどうか今だけは aa dakara douka ima dake wa Alas, so please, just for now,
子供の頃の気持ちのままで kodomo no koro no kimochi no mama de let me keep the feelings I had when I was but a child
一糸まとわずにやってこうぜ isshi matowazu ni yattekou ze and be the naked me.

「ああ思い出した!あんたあの時の "aa omoidashita! anta ano toki no "Ooh I remember now! You're that serious-looking person from back then...
生真面目そうな…やっぱいいや」 kimajimesou na… yappa ii ya" On second thought, never mind."

English translation by Hazuki no Yume


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