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Romaji: Hitosama Arerugii
English: People Allergy
Original Upload Date
Kairiki Bear (music, lyrics)
Nou (illust)
1,200,000+ (NN), 3,300,000+ (YT)
Niconico Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
痛み痛み痛み itami itami itami My pains, my pains, my pains,
途切れなくて togirenakute they’re coming nonstop—
ズキリズキリ zukiri zukiri stinging pains, prickling pains.
あれもこれもどれも are mo kore mo dore mo I can’t see anything—
見られなくて mirarenakute neither this nor that.
ぐにゃりぐにゃり gunyari gunyari Everything is distorted
歪んでく yugandeku into a wobbly blob.

誰も誰も誰も dare mo dare mo dare mo No one, no one, no one,
信じれなくて shinjirenakute I can trust no one—my ideas are
ひとりよがり hitoriyogari the only things that matter.
ここにそこにどこに koko ni soko ni doko ni Everywhere I look, there's
でもあるような demo aru you na a plethora of tragedies
悲劇どろり higeki dorori of the type one may find
溢れて afurete here, there, anywhere.

ヒト怖くて hito kowakute Frightened of people,
閉じこもって tojikomotte I withdrew into myself.
うわべだけでの uwabe dake de no If it’s such a
ユウジョウなら yuujou nara superficial friendship, then
僕にはいらない boku ni wa iranai I have no need for it,
ナナイナイ。 nanai nai. no need, nuh-uh.

真っ赤な嘘で makka na uso de Ridiculed and betrayed
笑われ裏切られ waraware uragirare by such obvious lies, I don't know
胸にじっとり滲んだ mune ni jittori nijinda how to stop these pains that’ve
痛みが取れなくて itami ga torenakute soaked so deep into my heart.
真っ赤に腫れた makka ni hareta Even if my painfully swollen heart
心擦り切れたって kokoro surikireta tte were to wear down to almost nothing,
今日もひとつふたつ kyou mo hitotsu futatsu it’ll still continue to get hurt like always,
傷つくってしまうんだ kizutsukutte shimaun da with a fresh wound here and there.

誰も誰も誰も dare mo dare mo dare mo No one, no one, no one, there’s no one
縋れなくて sugarenakute I can cling on to.
涙ぽろり namida porori My tears are rolling down my cheeks
ここにそこにどこに koko ni soko ni doko ni as I desperately search for
でもあるような demo aru you na the kind of ideals
理想思想 risou shisou and ideas one may find
求めて motomete here, there, anywhere.

ヒト嫌いで hito kirai de I hate people,
けどホントは kedo honto wa but in truth,
弱いだけの yowai dake no the one I hate the most
僕自身が boku jishin ga is my own self,
何よりも嫌い nani yori mo kirai and my weakness. I hate it,
キライライ。 kirai rai. hate it, hate it.

真っ赤な嘘で makka na uso de My heart’s been tied up
心縛り付けて kokoro shibaritsukete within this web of such obvious lies,
胸にべったり滲んだ mune ni bettari nijinda I don’t know how to stop these pains
痛みが取れなくて itami ga torenakute that’ve stuck so fast to it.
真っ赤に爛れた makka ni tadareta So I’ve locked up my painfully inflamed
心きつく閉じて kokoro kitsuku tojite heart, as tightly as I could.
誰か僕に上手な dareka boku ni jouzu na Would someone please show me
生き方教えてよ ikikata oshiete yo an easy way to live?

首のわっかに縋って kubi no wakka ni sugatte Clinging to this loop around my neck,
目をつむって逃げたくて me o tsumutte nigetakute I closed my eyes. I just want to run away.
タスケテのサインも tasukete no sain mo But my SOS sign has fallen asleep
置き去りにまどろんで okizari ni madoronde in some forgotten corner.

真っ赤な嘘が makka na uso ga Those obvious lies give me
こわくてくるしくて kowakute kurushikute so much fear, so much pain.
ここにぽっかり開いた koko ni pokkari aita I can’t stop scratching
傷口かきむしって kizuguchi kakimushitte at these gaping wounds.
真っ赤に染まった makka ni somatta So I’ve locked up my painfully
心きつく閉じて kokoro kitsuku tojite red heart, as tightly as I could.
どうか僕に上手な douka boku ni jouzu na Please, show me
()に方教えてよ shinikata oshiete yo an easy way to die.

痛みが消せなくて itami ga kesenakute I can’t make my pains go away.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume


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