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Romaji : Babiron
English: Babylon
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Hatsune Miku
Tohma (music, lyrics, video)
Niconico Broadcast


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Japanese Romaji English
空中繁華街の雑踏 国境はパステル固め kuuchuu hankagai no zattou kokkyou wa pasuterugatame Welcome to this overpopulated shopping center, where the border is drawn only with pastels.
フラッタ振動 原動力 耽美論 furatta shindou gendouryoku tanbiron Precariously, it wobbles in mid-air. Here, “aestheticism” is the sole ideology.
合法ワンダランダ 乱用 gouhou wandaranda ranyou There’s rampant abuse of the system by the so-called legal “wonderlanders.”
シスターの祈りもドラッグに shisutaa no inori mo doraggu ni The nuns’ prayers, alas, are indistinguishable
札束に賭ける笑い声 satsutaba ni kakeru waraigoe from the laughter of those betting on money and drugs.

群れを成した捨て犬の 凱旋パレード mure o nashita suteinu no gaisen pareedo Look at the self-important parade of a bunch of pathetic losers.
吠え散らす声 観衆の手 hoechirasu koe kanshu no te Interspersed with their endless yapping is the bystanders’ mindless clapping.
嘘まみれ 騙し合い uso mamire damashiai Deception, trickery—no holds barred; it’s every man for himself.
損得感情 森羅万象 sontoku kanjou shinrabanshou Everything is give and take, there’s no exception.
狙った心臓 ゴム鉄砲 neratta shinzou gomuteppou Everyone is always on the offensive with what makeshift weapons they have.

世界を語るハリボテギャングスタに sekai o kataru haribote gyangusuta ni There are the pretentious gangsters, philosophizing about the world,
連番 並んだ ギャンブル賭博 renban naranda gyanburu tobaku and there are the gambling houses, lining up rows after rows.
真っ平らなこの街で育って mattaira na kono machi de sodatte Growing up on these flattened streets,
当たり前を捨てた atarimae o suteta we’ve abandoned our notion of normality.

住宅の要塞 造船所 浮遊船の墜落跡 juutaku no yousai zousenjo fuyuusen no tsuirakuato Residential quarters now double up as strongholds, while the shipyards carry the wrecks of floating-ships.
娯楽民族 公用語も混同 goraku minzoku kouyougo mo kondou In this land of hedonists, the official language itself has become confounded.
遠心分離メリィゴーラン  enshinbunri meriigoran Here, the merry-go-round spins at a breakneck speed,
観覧車は神社の片隅 kanransha wa jinja no katasumi while the Ferris wheel can be found in the vicinity of a holy shrine.
荒廃市場 去ったスラム貧民 kouhai shijou satta suramu hinmin The economy has fallen into ruin, and even the slum dwellers had migrated away.

酔ってラヴィダヴィ 散々な音像 yotte ravidavi sanzan na onzou Drunken, that PDA couple is producing a pretty suggestive medley of sounds.
中指立てた少女は誰? nakayubi tateta shoujo wa dare? Who’s that young lady who just gave them the middle finger?
「待って、ハニー、ダーリン!」 "matte, hanii, daarin!" "Slow down, honey! Come on over, darling!"
凡庸な歓迎に呆れた bonyou na kangei ni akireta I’ve become disgusted with this kind of mundane solicitation.

喝采なくした日雇いムービースターに kassai nakushita hiyatoi muubii sutaa ni Past her prime, the movie star can only get piecemeal jobs.
売ったプライド 感情トリップ utta puraido kanjou torippu She’s sold her pride, and now finds pleasure in her emotional highs.
電線生やした鉄塔見上げ densen hayashita tettou miage That’s how one finds her dancing in the back alley
路地裏で踊る rojiura de odoru while looking up at the transmission towers, where the power lines converge.

流れ流れる人の海 nagare nagareru hito no umi In the constantly moving sea of people,
腹這いでねだるお面屋 harabai de nedaru omenya the mask maker is sprawling on the ground, begging.
鐘の音で泣き止む赤子 kane no ne de nakiyamu akago The crying baby has gone quiet at the toll of the bell.
その手に抱かれた憂いを sono te ni dakareta urei o What would he do with that bundle of anguish in his arms?

ラララ 浅いキミの歌 rarara ... asai kimi no uta Lalala… Can you hear your own shallow song?

熱帯夜に泣く雑居ビルロックスターに nettaiya ni naku zakkyo biru rokku sutaa ni On this muggy night, the rock star is crying in his condo,
戦前の怠惰 三度目の心中 senzen no taida sandome no shinjuu remembering the pervading indolence before the war, and his third attempted suicide pact.
兵隊の列 浮世に笑って heitai no retsu ukiyo ni waratte The soldiers, standing in line, are sneering at this transient life.
天狗の面 外してよ tengu no men hazushite yo Come on, just take off your tengu mask.

世界を語るハリボテギャングスタに sekai o kataru haribota gyangusuta ni There are the pretentious gangsters, philosophizing about the world,
連番 並んだ ギャンブル賭博 renban naranda gyanburu tobaku and there are the gambling houses, lining up rows after rows.
真っ暗なこの街とお別れ makkura na kono machi to owakare It’s time to say goodbye to this bleak city.
ほら じゃあ また 明日。 hora jaa mata ashita. So, I guess that’s it for now. See you tomorrow.

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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