Step Forward
Song title
Romaji: Suteppu Fowaado
English: Step Forward
Original Upload Date
Hatsune Miku
Chesa (music)
Ena-Yuzuru (lyrics)
_hashi (illust)
Natika (animation)
92,000+ (NN), 3,100+ (PP)
Niconico Broadcast / piapro Broadcast
YouTube Broadcast (reprint, subbed)


Japanese Romaji English
何が正しいとか 正解だとか Nani ga tadashii toka seikai da toka Always caught up in worrying about what's right or wrong
ぶちまけろ 感情 Buchimakero kanjou Just lay it all out there already!
手を伸ばせば ほら 出口見える Te o nobaseba hora deguchi mieru If you reach out that hand yours, look, you can see an exit from this mess
オリジナルモラルを 掲げて Orijinaru moraru o kakagete Hold out your "original morals" for all to see!

色眼鏡ばかり 蔓延(はびこ)る街は Iromagane bakari habikoru machi wa In this town where everyone's wearing rose-colored glasses
カメレオンの 巣窟(そうくつ) Kamereon no soukutsu It's like a den of chameleons
攻撃されない 暗黙のルール Kougeki sarenai anmoku no ruuru A set of tacit rules that people refuse to challenge
()まってゆく泥沼 Hamatte yuku doronuma It's like you're just getting pulled down into swamp

正体不明は 立ち入り禁止 Shoutai fumei wa tachiiri kinshi Unable to delve into unknown territory
「キモチイイ?」 "Kimochi ii?" Are you satisfied like this?
悪趣味なピエロの 遊び 飛び火 Akushumina piero no asobi tobihi Play-acting like a clown in bad taste has its consequences,
精神崩壊は否めない Seisin houkai wa inamenai Like the total collapse of your heart and mind for starters

膨れ上がるストレス Fukure ageru sutoresu Stress just pilling up
どこに発散しても結果は散々でしょ? Dokoni hassan shite mo kekka wa sanzan desho? "No matter how I try and let it out, it all ends in ruins, doesn't it?"
って (まぶた)を閉じた Tte mabuta o tojita You say as you close your eyes
もう 全焼 失踪 イキそう Mou zenshou shissou iki sou Already seemingly ready to burn it all down and escape

蹴散らせ 傲慢(ごうまん)な境界線 Kechirase gouman na kyoukaisen Bust through these borderlines built of pride and arrogance
飛び出せ 籠城(ろうじょう)の外へ Tobidase roujou no soto e Leap over those walls that keep you prisoner
導線切って去っていくって 許されないだろ Dousen kittee satte iku tte yurusare nai daro Cutting free of those guide-wires isn't allowed or so they say
モノクロ 彩る観覧車 Monokuro irodoru kanransha It's like a monochrome ferris wheel
止まらない 無限のループ Tomaranai mugen no ruupu An unending infinite loop
自暴自棄を 抜け出す術 Jiboujiki o nukedasu jutsu A chance for you to slip out of that cycle of despair
ここにあるから 手をとれ Koko ni aru kara te o tore It's right here, so take my hand!

後ろから ぶち込めば 上等 Ushiro kara buchikomeba joutou If they try and tear you down from behind your back, just bring it on!
思想遊戯 思いのままやれ Shisou yuugi omoi no mama yare Play this whole "thinking game" just the way you want to
個性 去勢 されても 堂々 Kosei kyousei sarete mo doudou Even if you lose the present "you" it's all for the best
初めから 手にしてんだ 自由!! Hajime kara te ni shiten da jiyuu!! For what you take for yourself is freedom!!

「普通」にしてろって 諭すんでしょ? "Futsuu" ni shitero tte satosun desho? Do things "normally" you say?

押し付けるな!! Oshitsukeru na!! Don't you dare tell me what to do!

傲慢(ごうまん)な 境界線 Gouman na kyoukaisen Borderlines built of pride and arrogance
飛び出せ 籠城(ろうじょう)の外へ Tobidase roujou no soto e Leap over those walls that keep you prisoner
伏線張って待っていたって 気付かれないまま Fukusen hatte matte itatte kizukare nai mama Just ignore everyone who's been waiting for this chance to knock you down
(さげす)む 大勢の傍観者 Sagesumu oozei no boukansha To that crowd of scornful onlookers,
叫べ マイノリティーよ 勇敢に Sakebe mainoritii yo yuukan ni Bravely declare your membership in the minority
存在意義 見いだす術 Sonzaiigi miidasu jutsu This is the way to find the meaning in your own life
答えが出たならば 踏み出せ Kotae ga detanaraba fumidase When you take hold of that answer, step forward!
旗を掲げ Hata o kakage Raise up your own flag!

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