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English: Chaldene
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Hatsune Miku
Harumaki Gohan (music, lyrics, illust, video)
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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

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Japanese Romaji English
カルデネの前の景色を karudene no mae no keshiki o Who could possibly have seen
誰が見たというのさ dare ga mita to iu no sa The sight before Chaldene?
目の前に居る あの子の me no mae ni iru ano ko no When it’s already swallowed up the irises
虹彩を呑み込んだ kousai o nomikonda Of the girl before its eyes?

知らないことを訊いてくるのは shiranai koto o kiite kuru no wa It surely is someone’s bad habit
誰かの悪い癖だ dareka no warui kuse da To plague me with questions about things they don’t know.
昨日の駅で買ったキャンドル kinou no eki de katta kyandoru And the candle I bought at the station yesterday
何故だか火がつかない nazedaka hi ga tsukanai Just won’t stay lit, for whatever reason.

知らないことを隠したいのは shiranai koto o kakushitai no wa I want to hide from you the things I don’t know,
あなたと話したいから anata to hanashitai kara For I want to talk to you.
携帯電話を見たくないのは keitai denwa o mitakunai no wa I don’t want to look at my phone,
何かが呼んでるから nanika ga yonderu kara For there’s something calling for me.

カルデネの最期だったら? karudene no saigo dattara? What if it was Chaldene’s last moment?
僕はどうするんだろう boku wa dou surun darou What would I do, in that case?
あなたが望む景色を anata ga nozomu keshiki o Would I be able to show you
見せてあげられるだろうか misete agerareru darou ka The sight you’ve always wanted to see?

見えないものを感じ取るのは mienai mono o kanjitoru no wa It’s simply impossible for me
僕には出来やしなくて boku ni wa deki ya shinakute To have a sense for things I cannot see.
昨日の駅で飲んだ珈琲 kinou no eki de nonda koohii The coffee I had at the station yesterday
誰かの真似をしたんだ dareka no mane o shitan da Was just my copying from someone else.

あなたの腕に縋りたいのは anata no ude ni sugaritai no wa The way I love clinging to your arm
ミルクを注ぐのと似ている miruku o sosogu no to nite iru Is much akin to adding milk to one’s coffee.
携帯電話に見向きもしないで keitai denwa ni mimuki mo shinai de I love the little moment when I stir my coffee
マドラーを回す時間が好きだよ madoraa o mawasu jikan ga suki da yo And completely ignore my phone.

カルデネの愛を呑んだら karudene no ai o nondara What would happen to me
僕はどうなるんだろう boku wa dou narun darou If I were to drink up Chaldene’s love?
歪んだ灰色の空を yuganda haiiro no sora o Would I then be able to show you
見せてあげられるだろうか misete agerareru darou ka Its misshapen, ashen sky?

カルデネの前の景色を karudene no mae no keshiki o Who could possibly have seen
誰が見たというのさ dare ga mita to iu no sa The sight before Chaldene?
知らないふりも出来ないからさ shiranai furi mo dekinai kara sa Perhaps I just had to lie,
嘘を吐いたのだろう uso o tsuita no darou For I simply can’t feign ignorance.

カルデネは息をする karudene wa iki o suru Chaldene is breathing
ジュピタの記憶の終末で jupita no kioku no shuumatsu de In the farthest reach of Jupiter’s memory.
あなたが知らぬ景色は anata ga shiranu keshiki wa I wonder, would that sight unknown to you
僕を見ていられるだろうか boku o mite irareru darou ka Be able to bear looking at me?

English translation by Hazuki no Yume

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