Unclosed human
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Romaji: Ankuroozu Hyuuman
English: Unclosed Human
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Hatsune Miku
Kaja (music, movie)
Nejishiki (arranger)
Kasamura Toota (lyrics)
cillia (voice manipulator, movie)
220,000+ (NN), 250,000+ (YT), 79,000+ (BB)
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Japanese Romaji English
答えのないエンドロール kotae no nai endorooru End credits without an answer—
どうやってあなた探すの dou yatte anata sagasu no how shall I search for you?
合言葉も知らず ai kotoba mo shirazu Without even knowing the password,
またいつかなんてない mata itsuka nante nai there's no hope for a "once again someday."

さよならも言えずに sayonara mo iezu ni Not even a chance to say goodbye—
そうやってまた置いてくの sou yatte mata oiteku no are you going to leave me again, just like that?
ねえこの手を伸ばしたなら nee kono te o nobashita nara Say, if I were to reach out with my hand,
捕まえられる? tsukamaerareru? can I catch you?

感動的能動的愛で kandouteki noudouteki ai de With a moving, proactive love,
過不足惜しみのない愛で kafusoku oshimi no nai ai de with a generous love, neither too much nor too little,
紛れも無く深層的なら magire mo naku shinsouteki nara if it truly goes deep,
あなたに届けばいいのですが anata ni todokeba ii no desu ga I just hope it can reach you.
焦燥感まみれの涙は shousoukan mamire no namida wa Tears full of impatience
美しくはないものですから utsukushiku wa nai mono desu kara aren't a thing of beauty.
要らない要らないそうよね iranai iranai sou yo ne Unnecessary. That's right, unnecessary.
あたしの言葉はそれではなく atashi no kotoba wa sore de wa naku Those aren't my words.
言うならば iu naraba If I must say it,

場違い的な意味合いであって bachigaiteki na imiai de atte I'd say it's more along the line of something out of place,
ですがみんなそれを望んで desu ga minna sore o nozonde but everyone wishes for it.
ですが既に手遅れであって desu ga sude ni te okure deatte But it's already too late.
ですがどうしても伝えないの desu ga doushite mo tsutaenai no But I still want to convey to you, no matter what.
あなたのもう見れない世界の anata no mou mirenai sekai no Bearing the beautiful colors of sorrow
綺麗な哀しみの色の kirei na kanashimi no iro no of a world you can no longer see:
幾億の星も超えるような ikuoku no hoshi mo koeru you na all the voices of people
人の声を、さ hito no koe o, sa that can travel beyond a myriad of stars.

聴いて kiite Listen.
デイ•バイ•デイで歌え dei bai dei de utae Sing, day by day.
あなたの今ここから anata no ima koko kara It'll be fine, because
失くさないからいいでしょう? nakusanai kara ii deshou? I won't lose your present from here, right?
また歌が聴けるかな mata uta ga kikeru ka na Will I be able to hear your songs again?

きっと kitto I'm sure
すぐ見つかるよ sugu mitsukaru yo I'll find you right away,
夢の中で出会っても yume no naka de deatte mo even if we were to meet in a dream.
終わりのないあなたへ owari no nai anata e To you, unclosed human:
忘れるはずないでしょう? wasureru hazu nai deshou? how can I ever forget
あの電子音、あのギターを ano denshion, ano gitaa o your electronic sounds, and your guitar?

あたしだけでしょうか atashi dake deshou ka Am I the only one?
空いた穴にあなたに aita ana ni anata ni Who tries to fill
似たような姿を nita you na sugata o this gaping hole
詰めてみても tsumete mite mo with shapes similar to yours, But even then...

さあどれをそれにしよう saa dore o sore ni shiyou Now, which one shall I choose?
代わりのないあなたを kawari no nai anata o To replace you, who's irreplaceable.
偶然でもいいからさ guuzen demo ii kara sa I don't care even if it's just a coincidence.
見つけていこうじゃないか mitsukete ikou janai ka I'm going to find it, I will.

「あの声があなたに似てましたか」 "ano koe ga anata ni nitemashita ka" "Was that voice similar to yours?"
「あの音は同じ気しますか」 "ano oto wa onaji ki shimasu ka" "Do you feel like those sounds are the same?"
「あのリズムは同じでしょうか」 "ano rizumu wa onaji deshou ka" "Is that rhythm the same?"
「音づかいが似ていませんか」 "otozukai ga nite imasen ka" "Aren't the techniques similar?"
いいえ愚か似ても似つかない! iie oroka nite mo nitsukanai! No. How foolish. It's not similar in the slightest!
真似するだけ無駄というもの mane suru dake muda to iu mono Simply imitating is pointless.
あの人を再現しようとして ano hito o saigen shiyou to shite You're trying to replicate him?
あの人のことを汚さないでよ! ano hito no koto o yogosanai de yo! Don't disgrace him!

自己表現の一環としたり jiko hyougen no ikkan to shitari Using you as a tool for their self-expression,
泣ける物語を作って nakeru monogatari o tsukutte creating some sad stories
そんなことを平気でやって sonna koto o heiki de yatte without a second thought about it,
「本当に好きでした」ですって? "hontou ni suki deshita" de sutte? and they dare say "I really loved him"?
あたし知ってるよあの少女も atashi shitteru yo ano shoujo mo I know, indeed, that the girl
歌も作らず絵も描かない uta mo tsukurazu e mo egakanai doesn't make any songs or draw any pictures,
けど泣いてあの日は寝れなかったよ kedo naite ano hi wa nerenakatta yo but she cried, and that day she couldn't sleep.

聴いて kiite Listen.
デイ•バイ•デイで歌え dei bai dei de utae Sing, day by day.
あたしの知りたかった atashi no shiritakatta The joys of this world
この世界の楽しさ kono sekai no tanoshisa that I wanted to know about—
教えたのはあなただ oshieta no wa anata da you were the one who taught them all to me.

聞こえますかこの音 kikoemasu ka kono oto Can you hear these sounds?
見えてますかこの灯が mietemasu ka kono hi ga Can you see these lights?
これは全てあなたが育てた kore wa subete anata ga sodateta All of these are the people you nurtured—
「愛」知る人 "ai" shiru hito people who know "love."
蒔いた種は花に maita tane wa hana ni The seeds you planted have bloomed.

広がる呼び声に hirogaru yobigoe ni I search for you
その姿を探す sono sugata o sagasu amidst the spreading voices calling out for you.
みんなが願っている minna ga negatte iru Everyone has the same wish—
もう一度あなたを mou ichido anata o to see you once more.

生きていなきゃ ikite inakya You've got to live.
今ここに居て声援に応えて ima koko ni ite seien ni kotaete You've got to be here right now, and respond to our cheers.
だめだよだめだよ dame da yo dame da yo No, you can't. No, you can't.
あなたの居るべき場所は anata no irubeki basho wa That's not where you should be.

聴いて kiite Listen.
デイ•バイ•デイで歌え dei bai dei de utae Sing, day by day.
あなたの今ここから anata no ima koko kara From here, your present...
分かっていても名前を wakatte ite mo namae o But even when I know that,
呼ばずにはいれなかった yobazu ni hairenakatta I couldn't help calling out your name.

きっと kitto I'm sure
もうないでしょう mou nai deshou there will never be another person
あたしの声をこんなに atashi no koe o konna ni who will turn my voice
愛されるように奏でた aisareru you ni kanadeta into such beloved music.
最初で最高の人 saisho de saikou no hito You're the first, and also the best.

聴いて kiite Listen.
デイ•バイ•デイで歌え dei bai dei de utae Sing, day by day.
あなたの今ここから anata no ima koko kara Even now, from here, you are still...
あなたの蒔いた種に anata no maita tane ni The seeds you planted
あたしは救われてるんだ atashi wa sukuwareteru nda have become my salvation.

届け todoke May you know
この世界は kono sekai wa that this world
あなたに優しく anata ni yasashiku is very kind to you.
あなたの居場所を anata no ibasho o That it will forever protect
いつまでも守ってるよ、と itsu made mo mamotteru yo, to your own special place.
いつでも待ってるよ itsu demo matteru yo We're always waiting
終わりない人へ owarinai hito e for you, unclosed human.

English Translation by Hazuki no Yume

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