Song title
"'Til Death Do Us Part"
Original Upload Date
KAITO V3 English and Megurine Luka V4X English
Ritsu Miki (music, lyrics, illust, PV)
Mysterious Misfortune (chibi illust)
100+ (SC), 700+ (YT), 200+ (NN)
SoundCloud Broadcast / YouTube Broadcast / Niconico Broadcast

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

"Hello. How are you?"
A voice I would know
Seeing the sun set and wake at my side
"Are you okay? Yesterday, you were acting strange."
Without a care, it seems fair
Come, let's sleep again...

"Good morning. How's your day?"
The voice is the same
Like it even matters what you would say
For at this time
It remains
It never will change
Feeling useless and worthless
Come, let's rise now.

Turn back time to the day which we met
Before I knew a thing about our small bet
Before I knew, we were soon entrapped
Until the day where someone dies

Kiss me 'til the taste is burned into your mind
Drown yourself in blood 'til you're blind
Shed a thousand tears if you are so inclined
I'll be the victor this time

Overflowing desire to see you cry upon your knees
Triggering sensuality
Dyeing the blade, excitement one can't foresee
Surely, the victor is me

In the end, we'll
Dance until one is set free

"Oh, you're still alive."
A sigh of defeat
Though I still can't move in this summer heat
I can't take it
But still I refuse to give in
Feeling tired – exhausted
Come, let's 'sleep' again...

"Good evening. Can you see?"
The banner removed
Still I feel the ache of each cut and bruise
I'm sick of it
But still I refuse to then lose
I'm ignited – excited
Come, let's 'rise' now

Turn back time to before we both knew
The day the deal was sealed by not me or you
Waiting for it to someday arrive
The day where one of us will die

Rip out every nail until you have no more
Gasp, use every ounce of vigor
Get that wretched smile off your soiled face
I'm the victor in this race

Keep on trying to escape, increase the bruises on your wrists
Numbing, unable to resist
Know that smile that you bear is indecent
Your victor is now present

In the end, we'll
Dance until one's lost reason

Shall I tend to all your wounds?
I'll hold you in embrace
Biting, scratching at your skin
It never ends
There's no way
Double-crossing, constant lying
Both of us are to blame

Turn back time!
Please, why can't we go back?
I'd turn around and leave if given the chance
Now we're stuck without an exit in sight
Pretending everything's all right

If you cry enough, I'll wipe away your tears
If you're worried, you shouldn't fear
Know that trust is all that we ever have had
I'll lead you to the end...

In the end, I'll
Tie up both your hands until you're out of breath
A final showdown — sudden death
Give it all you've got, holding back's not a choice
Let's choose the victor today

If you will not give up, won't you simply surrender your will?
Reaching further, feeling a thrill
Both leading, seems we've reached another standstill there any humanity in my core?

In the end, we'll
Dance until we're nothing more...

If you would take my hand
I'll cut at the red string
We'll take what we can have
I'll keep waiting 'til death do us part

Even if I no longer can see
You will guide me
Even if it's to my death
I'm begging, stay beside me
Step up and make your vows
I'll love you until death do us part

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